Archy and Mehitabel [Don Marquis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This beloved illustrated classic tells the tale of Archy, a philosophical. Archy & Mehitabel i got acquainted with a parrot named pete recently who is an interesting bird pete says he used to belong to the fellow. It’s “archy” (he’s too small to hold down the shift key), poet, philosopher, moralist and futile worshipper of “mehitabel,” the alley cat. This bizarre, highly original.

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Dec 24, Forvalka rated it really liked it.

Archy & Mehitabel | Music Theatre International

This bizarre, highly original musical takes us into the streets of the big city as archy tries hopelessly to bring the “toujours gai” mehitabel off the back fence and into arcy respectable home as a housecat. May 11, Richard rated it it was amazing. Have a Show-tacular New Year!

Undeniably this is classic stuff, but an anthology of three book-length collections of archy’s typewriter-diving ruminations is too much to take at once.

archy and mehitabel (Literature) – TV Tropes

It was not a commercial success. If you or someone you know would be interested in recording a video, please contact Batteiger by email at johnbatt rachy me. Gaiman responded to the call immediately and enthusiastically, and the video below is the result. Nov 07, Pages. Oct 01, Summer rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Jun 22, David Wachter added it.

One of his top five, in fact. Shakespeare to a Beat. One of the 20th Century’s great humor classics. Having always been impressed with the cockroach who could type but only using lower-case letters, of course I was thrilled many years later to acquire not only one, but two editions that were published before World War II. The work sets four of the original poems to music.


It’s “archy” he’s too small to hold down the shift keypoet, philosopher, moralist and futile worshipper of “mehitabel,” the alley cat. Collections of the “Archy” stories have been published and re-printed numerous times over the years.

Retrieved 3 February American poems Fictional cockroaches Fictional cats Literary duos Fictional characters introduced in Individual cockroaches. Because he is only able to hit one key at a time, there is not punctuation or capital letters used in his prose. Wry arrchy cynical poems from depression era New York, composed by a cockroach and his ratty but ever-ladylike feline companion.

I have great delight giving voice to Mehitabel: Illustrations by th A lot to be had here. Dec 02, Valerie added it.

The Lives and Times of Archy and Mehitabel

The two of them shared a series of day-to-day adventures that made satiric commentary on daily life in the city during the s and s. The Montreal indie rock band Parlovr features a song titled “Archy and Mehitabel” on its eponymous album. My vote would be for Dave Barry. Skip to secondary content. White’s introduction to it in a collection of E.

Archyology and Archyology II were compiled and published for the first time in the late s.

White and leads into a hilarious account of a cockroach named Archy, the reincarnation of a free verse poet. Therefore the number of stars. Nov 17, Johnny Trash rated it it was amazing Shelves: Composer Gabriel Lubell wrote a work for baritone, clarinet, cello, and piano called Archy Speaks Versatile actors play the various urbane, non-human city dwellers that we encounter agchy the way, suggesting their animal characteristics without explicit anf.

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The Lightning Bug Song. The premise here is simple. First in a video series. Lists with This Book.

An often re-read favorite about a free verse poet transmigrated into a cockroach and the tempestuous cat who wonders what she did to deserve all these kittens. Mar 08, Alison added it. Archy’s best friend was Mehitabelan alley cat. Don Marquis, the author, wrote a column for the Chicago Sun Times in the s.

A beguiling, modern-day fable about a cat and a cockroach is full of wit, wisdom and the unexpected. A typing cockroach and a cat; from the synopsis here: Also I haven’t been to arvhy Library in about a week, so I’m out of my current interests. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Archy & Mehitabel

Actor Jeff Culbert toured a solo show to fringe festivals across North America during to Designers will have a field day with the unit set of oversized props and set pieces. The New York Times. Provides a contemporary reflection of this period in U. I guess it’s fitting that one morning we checked in on our frogs just in time to see the last of Archy’s feet disappearing down Mehitabel’s gullet. It was based on the columns anr on the Columbia Masterworks album, but with additional music by Kleinsinger and dialog by Mel Brooks.

Their exploits were first collected in the mehiyabel archy and mehitabelwhich remains in print today, and in two later volumes, archys life of mehitabel and archy does his part