Asura- Tale of The Vanquished by Anand Neelakantan. I finished reading Asura yesterday and what a coincidence, it was Dussehra! I will start its review by. Asura: Tale of vanquished, brings out a fresh perspective to Ramayana. Why did Anand Neelakantan choose to tell the story of Asura from two perspectives. Book Review # Asura – The Tale of the Vanquished By Anand Neelakantan. Posted by Pradeep T. As I started reading this book, I was in a.

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This book is really a treat to my audacious views!!!

I am so flabbergasted while writing the review of this book. Valimiki’s Ramayana portrays Ravana as a highly educated and intellectual man with complete knowledge of the Vedas and other sciences and arts, a capable ruler, a good commander, a magnificient vaqnuished with imposing personality, and of course, strong and mighty. From the start to the finish, this book is an absolute page turner. Winners always defame the losers, maybe that is what has happened with Ravana too. I will start its review by saying that I loved the book!

The thought of even calling Hanuman-The terrorist never even crossed my mind so far. The lines below demonstrate not just the premise of the book, but vanqquished very structure of our society “.

I was born and brought up in such a society, and therefore my vanquishec in Ramayan is absolute. Novel ini mungkin tebal dan lama dibacanya, tetapi tidak neelamantan rugi mereka yang menyempatkan untuk membaca Rahwana.

One more thing, the book boasts of being ‘Ravanayana. Among them is Bhadra — who sees his baby daughter killed and his wife molested and then killed and can do nothing to stop this calamity while he too is left to die. In his last lesson Mahabali attempts to instil values of self control and sacrifice in Ravana who mocks these and proclaims his preference for the base emotions which make a MAN rather than the higher values which make a GOD.


Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished by Anand Neelakantan

The lament of the loser. The most recent case in point is the nomenclature of a film by Sanjayaleela Bansali — Ram-Leela, not to speak of the fate of the illustrious M.

This is then Asurayana, the story asurw the Asuras, the story of the vanquished. Success breeds pride and vanity. Jul 11, Rudra Kapalin rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I still believe in the power of a good story and the skills of a master storyteller.

The author has taken a lot of liberties in churning out his ideologies, eulogizing Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipa, calling Prahlada a weak king, then making Ravan a pupil of Mahabali, calling Sita ma as the daughter of Ravana.

This sort of fanatical historical narratives only add fuel to this fire and should not be encouraged. Please comment with sensibility! Many myths can be twisted as we like,but Ramayana is not a myth.

Posted by Anjana Marandy at Then comes the nemesis of the mighty Asura empire — Sita or rather is brought in by Ravana himself. This 9, other than Intellect, open the way to the downfall of the greatest emperor who loved to live and follow his own way, who likes to think different. So, if you are a hardcore fan of Rama, then you may not like it very much. He represents the exploited, humiliated masses who have been down-trodden for millennia.

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The Tale Of The Vanquished: But the Asura emperor would not leave me alone. The poor could not afford to care and nobody asked their opinion in any case.

Book Review # Asura – The Tale of the Vanquished By Anand Neelakantan

He was not the only one who wanted his version of the story to be told. Be rational and broad-minded. Though the logic seem to fit the story portrayed, few of those may be exaggerated that seems inspired by the current political scenario.

This brings home the fact that no matter what happens to the kings, good or bad, the situation of an ordinary common man remains the same. Both the sides have been shown as 2 human civilizations and nothing more than that!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished

Asura was a revelation. I loved the fact that Anand has depicted Ravana as a human being, contrary to what we have always heard and believed.

Even when Ram is re-united with Sita after twelve long years through the valor of his twin sons Luv and Kush, Ram again asks Sita to go through a test of fire to prove her chastity.

It is the story of a manwho was brave and ambitious; who loved his country and his people; and who defined his rights in his own way.