Nov 17, the end of the data sheet. 2 Applications. • Operates With Any 8-Bit µP Processors or as a. Stand-Alone Device. • Interface to Temp Sensors. Category. Description, 8-bit Digital-to-analog Converters. Company, National Semiconductor Corporation. Datasheet, Download DAC datasheet. Cross ref. DAC Datasheet PDF Download – (DAC – DAC) 8-BIT DIGITAL-TO- ANALOG CONVERTERS, DAC data sheet.

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The overall design block of this system is shows as follows. In the function setVoiceVolumethe payload of the command packet indicates the voice volume scale, voiceScale, is chosen by the user through the GUI in the PC. Figure 5 shows the circuit of the pre-amplifier of the microphone voice input. Figure 6 shows the circuit of a analog-to-digital converter ADC The timeout configuration for the serial port is set to infinity, so that the receive command of the serial port only returns when there is data received from the microcontroller.

In our system, there are totally 5 distortion options that a user can choose from.

Therefore, we run out of memory for this feature. Pin 1 and 2 of ADC are the and control pins which are connected to ground to enable the chip all the time. The design of our system fulfills all the safety, health and welfare requirements. When there is a Timer0 compare interrupt, the function processSignal is invoked to get the voice and music samples and do the selected effects. In the function setMusicVolumethe payload of the command packet indicates the music volume chosen by the user through the GUI in the PC.

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This is because the DC-offset is not exactly 2. We also believe that with a higher budget, we could accomplish this part in the future to improve our system. The code below is in charge of applying this effect to the voice signal.


The Java Application sleeps for one second after sending the quit command. The conversion rate is up to 15, samples at maximum per second.

These effects are done by manipulating the amplitude of the voice signal in different ways. The multimedia system simply outputs the mixed signals. The program gets the command from the graphical user interface and transmits it to the microcontroller, and at the same time receives the real time digital audio data from the microcontroller.

A file chooser dialog pops up to select the file name. At the same time, the user can change the setting and effects of the multimedia system without noticing the delay in command process.

Moreover, the thread stores the data into an array buffer until one second is elapsed. A zero value means no echo. The stop bit is one. In this way, the voice will sound like a patient speaking very softly. We think we could accomplish this part if we have more time to implement the USB device driver.

Whenever the system receives a command packet from the PC which indicates to set the music volume, the function setMusicVolume is invoked to handle the rest of the packet payload.

All the stating claims or estimates are based on real data and correct; 4. Analysis and design of current reference circuits. Once the data is available, the thread appends the audio data into the wave file if it is required.

Dac0801 datasheet

The digital data can then be propagated to the microcontroller. However, the Java Mail 1. In order to facilitate the communication between a PC and the microcontroller, we make use of the high speed serial port. The sliders are to configure how great the scales can be for the music and voice volumes, how much delay is preferred for the echo, and what is the sampling rate of the audio signals. The parity bit is no parity. After you compile the code, you can simply program the image into the STK and start using the program.



Moreover, we will give out all the credits to their valuable contributions. Performance comparison of basic three type differential amplifiers. The mixed signal of voice and music signals is eventually output to PortC for digital-to-analog conversion using DAC chip and the analog output of DAC is connected to a speaker to output the signal. The UART Receive Complete Interrupt is enabled to allow the program vac0801 to the interrupt service routine to receive the command packets.

In this project, we use 21 pins of the ATMega There are 7 different commands the PC can send to the microcontroller. However, he should modify the command line argument set in the eclipse project. The Java application plays the karoke clip datashet running the windows media player in a sub-process. Our program configures the serial port to run at a baud rate of bps.

The program consists of a state machine and it consists of three states: Finally, the signal will be passed to the speaker datashdet generate a wonderful melody. The console program consists of two threads such as a darasheet thread and a background thread.

DAC0801 Datasheet PDF – National ->Texas Instruments

In our datashete system, we implemented a Graphical User Interface written in Java running on the PC to control the whole embedded system.

In this project, we used several popular mathematical models in the field of Audio Signal Processing that help us to simulate specific sound effects. But the inaccuracy is very subtle that it does not affect the performance of the multimedia system.