The Vigor series is DrayTek’s flagship premium ADSL router/firewall family. Packed with features, the Vigor offers truly comprehensive ADSL. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not upgrade directly from (and earlier) to Due to differences in the Web UI and functionality the router MUST first be. DrayTek Vigorn download manual. Vigorn User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the DrayTek Vigorn router.

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Below is a sample page obtained from Vigor Vn. Trusted CA certificate lists three sets of trusted CA certificate. Led Indicators And Dratek You may preset 12 call filters and data filters in Filter Setup and even link them in a serial manner.

Nat Sessions Table Based on the scanning result, users will know which channel is clean for usage.


Factory Reset Restore the default settings. If you both register to the same SIP Registrar, then it will be illustrated as below: If not, please check the IP address of your computer. It relies on two widely accepted standards: The first screen of Quick Start Wizard is entering login password. Page 24 If you do not know whether your printer is supported or not, please visit www.

Page 34 The example is based on Windows XP. The default value of Frequency Domain was set by factory depends on the reselling region.

Vigor router will exchange routing information with neighboring routers using the RIP to accomplish IP routing. Click Retrive the CA certificate or certificate recoring list. Data Flow Monitor Most modern wireless network uses short preamble with 56 bit sync filed instead of long preamble with bit sync field.


Such control also can be done based on preconfigured schedules. If you do not know whether your printer is supported or not, please visit www.

You can type similar name with the domain. Table of contents Quick Start Guide Basics For Firewall Follow the steps below to backup your configuration.

Type in all the information that your ISP provides for this protocol. If 28820 want to make VoIP call without register personal information, please choose None and check the box to achieve the goal. Then, the system status of this protocol will be shown. The following web page will appear.

Draytek Vigor 2820 Series Quick Start Manual

The first three Class 1 to Class 3 class rules can be adjusted for your necessity. Below shows the menu items for System Maintenance. Such information is provided for Vigor S models e. Such step can make correct driver loaded onto your PC.

Installing Your Router Page 88 As stated before, all the traffic will be separated and arbitrated using on of two IP filters: This information is helpful in diagnosing network problems, such as IP address conflicts, etc. Also See for Vigor Quick start manual – 41 pages Declaration of conformity – 1 page Specifications – 2 pages.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The example is based on Windows XP. Copyright Information Web registration is preferred. As stated before, all the traffic will be separated and arbitrated using on of two IP filters: If you want to reboot the router using the current configuration, check Using current configuration and click OK. Wrong tone settings might cause inconvenience for users. Other time the Internet access connection should be disconnected Force Down.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. As shown below, the router provides 32 entries of digital certificates for peer dial-in users. The ultimate outcome is to exchange security proposals to create a protected secure channel. Qos Setting Example server then forwarded to Internet.

Please click Backup on the following screen to save them. Leave other fields and click OK.


If you cannot find out a suitable one, please choose User Defined and fill out the corresponding values for dial tone, ringing tone, busy tone, congestion tone by yourself for VoIP phone. Then the router will restart with the factory default configuration. The default gateway IP address of the router is Then, in the following dialog, click Finish. Certificate Backup Local certificate and Trusted CA certificate for this router can be saved within one file. Bind Ip To Mac Then, the port is specified for ISDN line only.