That became Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars and was released to the public in During that work I came to know a great. ‘Eagles Disobey: The Case For Inca City, Mars’. From: Todd Andrews Date: Wed, 18 Mar Fwd. Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars by B J Wolf (Foreword by), Dr. Dan B Catselas Burisch, Albert Howell starting at $ Eagles Disobey: The.

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Any idea what it means?

Should we reach a point where a danger is averted, or where our analysis shows that the presumption of danger was faulty, I will explain the reasons why I went ahead with this post, to this extent. While the new MOC image shows that “Inca City” has a larger context as part of a circular form, it does not reveal the exact origin of these striking and unusual martian landforms. This meant that I had to learn how to edit, and hope for the best.

Bill Hamilton and Dan Burisch.

In the years that followed, Dan worked with Majestic as they needed him, and maintained a cover job in Las Vegas several actually — in the field of security and safety. Thursday will host the official Consistory Chartering statement as well as a meeting. He and Marci became too quiet all of a sudden and the whole of the support team noticed it.

He remembered very little eeagles the experience, but learned later in his life that this was a pivotal turning point for him. Image is a portion of Mariner 9 DAS Thank you for the report. I think he should serve as an inspiration to everybody — never give up! Please feel free to download a copy in your language, and put it up in your city or town.

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This has grown into a book-length project that has received the kind attention of Dr. This is the book that started it all and gave the name to DM: We anticipate its release toward the end of or early The differences in physiology occurred after the catastrophe — which in our timeframe has not yet happened — caused by one group the P45 and P52 J-Rods staying underground on Earth to survive in the post-apocalyptic world until eventually they migrated to Zeta Reticuli, while the other group the P52 Orions left Earth soon after the catastrophe to venture to the Moon, then Mars, then to other distant star systems which became disobeg new home.


Every time I checked, it just said no new messages. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I am also ijca possession of all Dan’s diaries, covering over 20 years of his life, plus hundreds of thousands of images and videos from his research.


They owe none of us any explanation. They again pressed him for information about what the J-Rod shared with him, and whether it had anything to do with his discoveries. Dan was rapidly promoted within the team and soon found himself being trained in the protocols necessary for entering into the Clean Sphere and work directly with the J-Rod.

The price, which the Team has agreed on, will set at a minimum bid to be announced at sale time! We later learned that they were afraid of how close we were coming to issues concerning the doctrine of convergent time line paradox 12 the problems that had been caused by the J-Rods who were using their technology to travel back in time, and thereby creating overlaying time anomalies. Yes, please keep the prayers for the young teen girl.

Return to Martian Structures and Anomalies. Footnotes, added by Project Camelot: A Portion of Viking Orbiter 2 image B64, reproduced here click on icon at full resolution of about meters feet per picture element. Was it a deliberate attack? This device was also being tested for communications protocols and transportation applications as recently as before being dismantled for safety reasons as we enter further into the highly energetic space in and around the galactic plane.

If the person or persons making the winning bid wishes to have DM autograph the book using their present or former names- McDowell and Burischthey have both agreed to do so as the proceeds will go to the Angel Eagles Humanitarian outreach program of Crain Ministries.


I am not sure Marcia is too keen on returning there in the near future but…I am ready for another rumble if need be. He was still required to follow all the protocols, however his badge as eaglez later learned was keyed to allow him access to multiple levels within the laboratory complexes at incs Area and S I will speak with the Mother.

Fearing for his health under the casf of these unpredicted results and fearing that they might have ruined ealges of their best scientists they decided to take steps to reverse what they’d done. The issue of the technological proliferation has been ‘ handled ‘, and continues to be contained by the armed forces of many great nations working quietly together, the spiritual issues are something which each of us can help with.

I have control of “her” ISP account. Burisch could see this new evidence. In June he was asked my the new Majestic jnca to participate for several months in a special project concerning issues of “National Security”, which invitation he accepted. I, on the other hand have so much information and taped material left over I only had so much room on the DVD that I can clearly envision doing additional DVDs about aspects of Dan’s experiences that I didn’t have time to cover in the first DVD.

Dan was unconscious when he was finally removed, and spent as I understand it several days in a coma. Upon his recovery Dan found himself seriously on the ‘outs’ with Majestic and the Committee of the Majority. Inca City, Mars proven to be part of a perfectly circular collection of structures!