I’m looking for the Everstone Companion which was released for free on their website. Their website is long gone, and Wayback Machine. Everstone LED Companion Size Wall Mount Non-corrosive wall sconce designed to withstand any extreme environment. Made with a proprietary compression. Buy Wave Lighting S21SF-GY Everstone Companion Size Lantern in Graystone at Save with free shipping and no tax.

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Based on your glowing praise in the BESM: Wednesday, 11th July, Ptolus thread, I instantly ordered the base book it was on sale. As an extra bit of cool, they do explicitly mention that it’s possible for members of one class to learn the spells of another class.

Sunday, 10th June, You’ve got the potential for a really broad allowance of magic and 5th level spells seem like there’s still some pain to be issued, but it is capped. I was considering using the points to tweak in the extra nifty stuff that characters get instead of handing out magic trinkets for spiffy abilities.

So if you wanted, you could use the Anime SRD classes and the Everstone rules and have yourself a nice little modifiable d20 game, that’s still much closer to “base” than the Everstone version. Longer lamp life — up to 10 times longer than incandescent. Another important distinction is what spells are appropriate for the Everstone setting. The companion has 8 additional classes in it including: Which means that right there you’ve got your classic roles eferstone out.


Results 1 to 10 of They list the no-no spells, and basically anything over 5th level. The difference being that limited to rank 2 on one attribute, and being allowed to go to rank 3 on another.

Wave Lighting – Non-Corrosive Outdoor Lighting

Wednesday, 12th September, Hinkley Harbor Outdoor Collection. Yank out the percent symbols and you’re set. The healer is a healer, since they don’t really have Undead in Everstone, but that’s really not copanion to rework the healer back into a Cleric if you want. It’s not insurmountable, but it does mean that it’s likely not going to appeal to the folks that like grim-n-gritty.

Email addy is a yahoo one but no space nuclearplatypus.

S21SF-GY – Wave Lighting S21SF-GY Everstone Companion Size Lantern in Graystone – GoingLighting

So you could get a Sun Magi that has the Teleport spell for example. I also didn’t care at all for the anime trappings. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Everstone took that system and made some basic decisions what to use and what not. Wave Lighting endeavors to be the lowest cost provider of Residential and Commercial outdoor lamp posts, accessories and other outdoor lighting.

d20 BESM: Everstone Companion

Here’s a link to it: Any help would be much appreciated. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Everstone Companion I’m looking for the Everstone Companion which was released for free on their website. Personally, I really like what Everstone did with the classes.


Blood Legacy by Iron Golem Games yet? Clear Prismatic Acrylic or Opal Acrylic. Their website is long gone, and Wayback Machine doesn’t have it. We’re not talking about the “Lannith Companion” eberstone can find online, right?

No, I actually did buy the Lannith Companion and to be honest it’s mostly adventure stuff. Ditching feats and making everything else class-specific streamlined things a lot, yet it retains some inner logic and reproductability that its competitor in that area, Lone Wolf, is everrstone i. And it’s really a great rule set, although the classes are a bit too specialized for the setting.

Saturday, 17th July, Clear COpal L. Looks great, shame that the game never seemed to catch on evesrtone popularity. Wonder whether it’s better to convert the core classes, or unify the “powers” and go completely class-less However, even if that’s the case The classes do initially seem to be a bit specialized to the comlanion, but if you sit down and start looking at them, you can find a fair amount of flexibility really. If you’d like the companion let me know an email addy I can ship it to, and I’ll pass it along to you.