The problem with these cures, the British novelist Kingsley Amis () wrote in his now-classic book “On Drink,” is that they deal only. Review: Everyday Drinking by Kingsley AmisThese recipes belong to a vanished world, in which you had to think hard as to how to get as much. ‘I don’t really like wine. Gin is for pansies, and liqueurs are best left to patent- shoed Wops’.

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Topics Kingsley Amis The Observer.

My advice is to offer them the cheapest tipple you can find; my local off-licence does a ghastly Mosel at 70p a bottle. Have I mentioned that I’m partial to a Macallan? The first part is a guide to various types of alcohol, cocktails, wine a beer.

Gin is for pansies, though a snifter with water doesn’t go amiss.

Hilly hid mine after I fell up the stairs when I came home from the Garrick yesterday, and I’ve had to make do with a bottle of Blue Nun I found in the maid’s parlour. Champagne is an overrated girl’s drink, though it can be drunk with any food; as such, it’s a perfect breakfast drink because a scotch before 10am is very non-U.

Elsewhere, Amis laments the destruction wrought on the English pub. The first, On Drink, is a witty, belligerent and didtilled profound defence of the kind of drinking habits that Kingsley acquired in the Old England of mixed drinks and beer. And Amis offers other examples: Mixing practical know-how and hilarious opinionation, this is a delightful cocktail of wry humor and distilled knowledge, served by one of our great gimlet wits.

The old pub bore. Who will buy this?

Everyday Drinking: The Distilled Kingsley Amis: Kingsley Amis: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

Here is the beloved, bestselling compendium of Kingsley Amis’s wisdom on the cherished subject of drinking. Account Options Sign in. Topics Kingsley Amis Digested read. He started off as a young Communist, but sooner or later began to come to his senses, and ended up as great friends with the likes of Robert Conquest. At the start, Amis announces certain ‘general principles’ to be followed in creating drinks, all of which can be derived, by natural drinkers’ logic, from the first of them, which holds that ‘up to a point [i.


In one handsome package, the book covers a full shelf of the master’s riotous and erudite thoughts on the drinking arts: I’ve never cared for even the best wines, and this should guarantee those poncing off you neither ask for top-ups nor stay long, thereby leaving you more money and time for the pub.

Leia mais Leia menos. And, for my two cents, he is funniest when he returns again and again to “The Wine Problem. This consolation was arbitrarily destroyed during the Seventies by one-armed bandits, diwtilled signs and the conversation-stopping noise of pop music.

His apprenticeship as a drinks-man began with quiet conversations among smoke-blackened trophies, with drink as but one component in a profoundly English routine of social consolation. The second is to read a book by that little shit Mart; it will either remind you you’re not that bad a writer or give you some sleep.

Mind you, this was before the explosion of American vineyards and beer snobs, but that’s a good thing: This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Each chapter is packed with observations that, in their utter disregard for political correctness, social inclusiveness and phoney compassion, are as punchy and uplifting as the vile cocktails they describe.

For information on how we process your data, veeryday our Privacy Policy. I am afraid that dour Baptist would have cringed in horror at the thought. The info on drinks, alcohol history, wines is useful but available in many erinking, if not in as amusing a form.


Everyday Drinking

Mixing cocktails is one of my favourite hobbies. Kingsley blames the brewery chains for this violence against the very heart of English society. The Hitch One bottle of Babycham One bottle of absinthe Five shots of Angostura very bitters Two tablespoons of kingxley Two or three glasses of this tincture can give you a lifetime of self-satisfaction. Amis keeps it light, never snooty, and tries to educate kingslwy about drinking.

These recipes belong to a vanished world, in which you had to think hard as to how to get as much alcohol into the system for as little outlay as possible, and in which those noxious medicines Dubonnet, Martini, Advocaat and Noilly Prat stood on the drinkiing, waiting to be enlivened with vodka or gin.

Judging from the effect of the smoking ban on our village pub, this great English institution has now been consigned to history. He’s one of the great enemies distioled the primthe good and the boring.

Everyday Drinking Quotes

A great little book for a quiet December evening! There are a great many srinking on the market – spirits, wines and beers – and I’ve probably drunk them all. Amis divides the world into those who prefer cocktails, and those who prefer wine. My library Help Advanced Book Search. This is remedied by cutting out food entirely and drinking all spirits without mixers.

My primary observation is that drinking makes the daily grind of everjday with people so much easier. Hilly’s coming to change my IV drip before I fall unconscious again.