Definition. The Gadaa system is an indigenous egalitarian democratic system practiced among the Oromo nation of East Africa for the last six. Oromo society was structured in accordance with this Gada system. The Oromo society was structured into two distinct but cross-cutting system. They also say investigating Oromo society without considering the Gadaa System is merely like a man walking without a skeleton. In fact, many.

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Consequently, the Gada class incorporates within its ranks people varying in ages. For the Oromo today, Gada constitutes a dynamic living culture that badaa contemporary Oromo political, social, economic and religious life.

No one interrupts while some one is speaking, a speaker need not stand to speak, and once they have spoken they may speak again. Webarchive template wayback links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January To address comments or complaints, please Contact us.

Horn Affairs

Discourses around the origin of democracy contain a clear binary separation between “us” and “them” which over-simplifies the ststem historical evolution of political systems. The only thing that gains automatic consensus are ideas that are close to the commonly accepted moral values.

Sysem they enter the Gada period or before they come to power they have to prove their capacity syshem military activities. As a result, when the group enters the Gada Grade Lubathey will have acquired all the necessary knowledge to handle the responsibility of administering the country and arranging and presiding at the celebration of rituals.

Gada assemblies, power transfer ceremonies and transition rites took place at these cultural spaces under Oda sycamore tree which is regarded as the symbol of syatem Gada System. In our contemporary political system elections are conducted every five or four years in between which citizens often pay little attention to matters of government. When the Gadaa Democracy Rules in a Federal State” explores how the system could be integrated with the contemporary federal structure of Ethiopia, serving as a governance mechanism for the Oromia Regional National State.


The Abbaa Gadaa head of the government in power presides over most of the general meetings. Literary Abbaa Muudaa means father or owner of muudaa ceremony.

Gada System of checks and balances such as respecting eight years rule, power sharing and balanced opposition of parties helps avoid subordination, exploitation, corruption and misuse of power. They then voice their opinion on the right course of action the Oromo should take on social, political, economic wystem environmental issues.

Every individual through age-set enjoys various right and takes obligation in the life of the society in his life time. In Oromo religion Waaqeffannaa the first Qaalluu spiral said to have been born exactly when Waaqaa God created ‘Horoo’ who mean the first person out of Walaabuu.

The dividing line between the various definitions is shrouded in mystery and indistinct unless contexts or terms are understood. A number of scholars have studied Gadaa. Views Read Edit View history.

Ethiopia: Key Background Information On Gadaa System –

In fact by African standard the Oromo had effective military organization headed by military officer titled as Abba Gacaa War chief. One is the system in which the members of each class gaddaa recruited strictly on the basis of chronological age which the anthropologists call Age Sets.


The conceptualisation of the postcolonial state in Africa is also highly influenced by the present predicaments see: The major activity of the Gada Assembly can be described as legislative.

This transition rite is an isolation ritual which followed by election and proclamation of young Gada leaders which is purely political.? The classes are taught by oral historians covering history, laws, rituals, time reckoning, cosmology, myths, rules of conduct, and the function of the Gada system. The principal responsibilities of the initiates or the?

It takes place during the fourth year of the eight years of the Gada period following the investiture of Gada leaders.? Therefore it is used in rain making ceremony, in prayers to get children etc. Baxter and Uri Almagor eds.

On the whole this stage is the stage of political and military leadership. The late Donald Levine has said [4] that Gadaa is “one of the most complex systems of social organization ever devised by the human imagination”.

Proto-cushitic peoples used to believe in a single God, and some times Osirs and Monotheism was a common religion of the same peoples of the Nile Valley. Between the 17 aystem Then, discussion on the proposed agenda takes place in a traditional and orderly manner which privileges those with seniority. Based upon this diction, it impossible to give precise meaning and systdm of Gadaa.