Booktopia has Girl Trade, ETO Best Erotic Book Brand by Chloe Thurlow. Buy a discounted Paperback of Girl Trade online from. “Never in all the hundreds and thousands of romance tales and stories that I have read over the decades has a novel left me so speechless.” – Simply Erotic. Girl Trade by Chloe Thurlow, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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She becomes stripped of her past and thus her own identity, and in effect becomes a nothing at the mercy and indulgence of the men she is in thrall to. Would you listen to Girl Trade again? I managed to complete a novel I called “Being A Girl” and fell over in the street after Nexus published it and the editor gave me a bottle of champagne I drank too quickly.

Girl Trade by Chloe Thurlow

I felt like she was trying to dazzle me with her knowledge with all chloee fancy words and comparisons and I’ll be honest, half the time I did not know what she was talking about. It combines wild adventure, magic and exquisite erotica. The writer creates a vivid picture as Chengi experiences thrills clhoe adventure of which she could Chloe Thurlow is the master of erotica, or should Rtade say mistress?

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Told in the first person perspective, the story begins with the protagonist swimming naked to an island where she becomes a sex toy for the men who find her there.

This English woman who becomes a slave do to being in the worong place. If you read some of her other books, you may come to a similar conclusion.


Chloe Thurlow

If you have stuck with my review so far, well done haha – I hadn’t intended to write so much. Girl Trade, without a doubt, has the potential to become a cbloe book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t mind adult themes.

Books with sex I must admit I like a the best. When I bought the book I thought it would kind of go like this: Sun bathing nude feels good but hot, deciding to swim to an Island within her eyesight she jumps in and when she reaches her destination it turns into a life altering experience.

Absolutely fascinating and very well written Written in first person this is an intriguing and hard edged story of a young woman who becomes Chengi. It often veered off into her rambling which I thought she merely used to fill up the chapters and I just couldn’t follow what was happening.

Her embrace of sexual subjugation as part of a harem is scintillating, far-fetched and yet utterly convincing. However, the main character in Girl Trade is surprised and a bit horrified to discover how sexually responsive her body is to the abuse of a heavy-handed Arab.

Now, here we are, penning away night and day, five novels and three naughty-shorties on the shelf with a study of EL James called “The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena” just out. I liked it and I didn’t. Whether that is true or not, and I like to think that it is, this makes for some damn It is safe to say that nobody writes erotica like Chloe Thurlow. Wow that was different, in a good way!


Oh well, lesson learned and on to the next. Jan 18, Lucy Felthouse rated it really liked it. An outstanding story in its own right, Girl Trade indulges your darkest fantasies. Any sensation, even the physi As the protagonist leaves her mundane life of conformity, her publishing house job, and confining office outfits, she yearns for an adventure. But, to your surprise, you find that you enjoy it.

Her embrace of sexual subjugation as part o One for fans of hardcore erotica, rife with dark subject matter such as kidnap and slavery. Dec 29, D. She lives a reality that in her western decadence she could only have dreamed of; she becomes her sheikh’s willing concubine, glorifying in her subjugation and abuse. The story lacked development between characters which made it difficult to connect and empathize with what was happening to them.

I vacillated back and forth on whether I liked this book or not. Giirl Arab pirates, and particularly the sheik whose slave she becomes, Shamir, bring her sexual excitement and thrills beyond her wildest dreams.

Girl Trade

She’s an under-developed character who I found mentally and emotionally immature. I thought the ending was great. The author paints a vivid picture of exotic lands as the heroine, a young girl from Traee, sets off on an erotic adventure like no other. Unfortunately, I have no respect for Emily.