siemens hicom e service manual pdf – This list of telephone switches is a compilation of telephone switches used in the public switched telephone network . [EPUB] Siemens Hicom e Service Manual [PDF]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. SIEMENS HICOM E SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download online Hicom E Telephone pdf manual download Also for Hicom Hicom.

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Multiplexers CorNet port code 19 3 From 4 entrance telephones, also follows call diversion as of SW 2. Page 96 MSNs of the terminals irrespective of the equipping scheme. Serial Interface Cable And V. Page – V.


Alternatively, the caller can also be displayed. This manual also for: In the case of mixed equipping, a distinction must be made between the routes.

The assignment is made in CDM 15 Dialling Into The Cn If, on the basis of the exception table, it was decided to send the call via the CN, the number dialled by the internal user is first completed by Hicom E. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Reference No.: Define the extensions in the 2 call blank Up to 16 telephones per group 13 17 pick-up groups 8 as of SW 2.

Siemens Hicom 100 E Service Manual

Slots 5 with 8-port modules, slots 6, 7 and 8 with port modules. The result OK, error, conflict can be queried and the message deleted by pressing this key. Querying the HW configuration of the system.


For each Hicom E extension, however, the tie line number and the relevant extension number must be entered as the direct dialling in number. Figure Equipping sequence for the expansion box Hicom System Overview Plug in and secure screw Examples Of Corporate Networks Line 6 shows how it can be set that all numbers beginning with the digits ” No external calls are permitted if a terminal is locked code lock.

The first call is then signalled as a camp-on call.

Assigning Actuator Names Sensor no. Page The connection to the entrance telephone is then to be set up by dialling the relevant code. Page – Alerting tone during conference as of S Supplement customer data if necessary, see Section 6.

The value entered x ms gives the response time.

HicomHicomHicomHicom Page Trunk interface with analogue trunkdimensions and weights housing dimensions Hiclm system assembly range with J-Y ST 2x2x0. Table Of Contents 5. Initial Operation Plug the power cable into the re-connected power supply. Do not remove jumpers unless expressly instructed to do so.

Danger Page 20 – Hicom E Version 2.

Each internally dialled extension is assigned a call destination hiom which specifies the exact call procedure e. Page 30 Plug in and secure screw The entrance telephone must be connected via a door opener adapter if the receiving extension for the doorbell and the door opener features are to be used. Only SLAS8 modules can be inserted in slots 1 and 2.



Moreover, configure appropriate MSNs for the picture telephone selection. As of SW 2. Page 45 – Main module – motherboard Page 46 – Figure Motherboard interfaces as of UPS only Figure Connecting the UPS battery cable Danger Do not insert the power cable in the mains socket until all installation and connection work has been completed.

Select substitute code 79 Code: Thus, there can be up to 15 different groups of extensions with the same night-time trunk access. Internal conference with additional external ext. The channel for call charge recognition is looped into the trunk and then routed to the TLA. Spare parts Spare parts are provided only for peripherals connected to the system. Page 20 Never try to lift heavy objects without assistance.

Page – Trunk access, day, up to SW version 2. Toll Restriction An additional 5 allowed and barred number lists are available with up to ten 7-digit entries as of V2. Page SW version for information only Options Option type for each option The call- er will incur call charges from the start of the announcement. Collision with one of the route codes Assign codes route code entered Collision with Collision with one of the internal ex- int.

Route Seizure Route 1: