Iced!: The Illusionary Treatment Option [Gary Reinl, Dr. Kelly Starrett, Gabe Mirkin M.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Topical cooling. For years people have iced their injuries, thinking it helps the healing process. Now Gary Reinl says we were wrong and has the research to. This week we take a moment to review the book “ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option” by author Gary Reinl. Find out what we think of Iced.

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When fluid gay built up in the body, like after an acute ankle sprain, it is a high pressure area. I would encourage any athlete, trainer, or coach to read this book and make their own mind up on the matter.

Iced: The Illusionary Treatment Option: A Book Review | DrChrisBakerDC

Subjects also reported a higher level of fatigue 72 hours post exercise of the iced tissues compared to the non-ice controls. When I sprained my ankle, I iced it. Does cryotherapy improve outcome for acute soft tissue injury?

Gary sites research in the book that showed icing actually increases the gady of fluid build-up in the damaged area by creating a backflow from the lymphatic vessels. Rest and ice have not been found to be important factors for improving recovery times from injury. His use of analogies makes it easier to understand his claims about ice. Email required Address never made public. Demonstration of the Marc Pro.


In CrossFit, Kelly Starrett is one of them. Offers Alternative Treatment Options: The reason is basic; I am fighting ived years of wide-spread misinformation and wanted to make sure my message was received and retained.

I definitely felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again a few times during the book and would often read the same argument, icd point, made in a different way later in the book. Posted December 11, 0. Ashley Stewart August 14, Waste needs to get cleared.

Sedating nerves to feel less pain can even be dangerous when you consider the fact that the brain is communicating with you when you perceive pain.

His foreword ggary the beginning of the book only makes it easier for us to have faith in what Reinl is writing about. In the late 60s, there was a young boy who somehow managed to sever his arm on a railroad track.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You are commenting using your Twitter account. If you were to ask a medical doctor, personal trainer, athletic trainer, or even your mom then you would likely get the same answer from each one regarding the benefits of ice — it reduces pain and prevents excess inflammation.

The story made national news but the story was too garbled up with technical jargon concerning the tissue reattachment surgery. A no-ice regimen might just get you back in action faster than you would have otherwise. While it may be a little repetitive at times, this book is a great eye opener for many people, and no doubt it made me question some of treatment methods I had been using for decades.


Book Review: “Iced” by Gary Reinl

I want to stop that from happening. Over time, a logical leap was made, where if you simply got injured, you were recommended to put ice on it.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Had I not, I may very well still be icing my body on a weekly basis, still believing it to be an effective method of treatment. With the tissues of his arm rapidly decaying, the doctors thought to put the limb on ice to preserve it. The Illusionary Treatment Option: Happy to help, if you want some eyes on your articles before you publish them. If I was trying to get over a niggling injury leading into a big sporting event?

In fact, Gary argues that if ice was a controlled substance like any pharmacologic drug on the market today, it would not be able to satisfy requirements for FDA approval. As I read the book I could really relate to what Reinl was stating and his arguments and points all make complete sense to me.