Israelology: The Missing Link In Systematic Theology E-Book (epub). by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum. One’s view of Israel is key in determining one’s theology, and. This study was created from Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s landmark research for his doctoral thesis, “ISRAELOLOGY: the Missing Link in Systematic Theology.” While all. Israelology has 57 ratings and 9 reviews. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum Fruchtenbaum deals with all the texts used by Replacement Theologians and does an.

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Great book for college libraries. Some more points of covenant postmillenialism: It seems to have a firm grip on certain contingents within the church who are already in a tail spin from post-Holocaust guilt.

Israelology Part 1 of 6 — By: Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

A must read book for any follower of Jesus who cares what the entire Bible teaches about Israel. Lots of good stuff out there on fruchrenbaum issue that is not sensationalized or silly Click here to subscribe. Allan rated it it was amazing Jul 29, I have taken a couple classes under Dr. Joel Hung rated it it was amazing Jul 19, To ask other readers questions about Israelologyplease sign up.

I would highly recommend this resource to those needing the most exhaustive and in-depth study of Israel and Systematic Theology, with the recommendation to set aside plenty of time to fully digest this resource when encountering it, as its depth will not be a mere casual read. iisraelology

Israelology: the Missing Link in Systematic Theology

More importantly, an understanding on the difference between Dispensational Premillennialism and Covenant Premillennialism. The Names Divinethat it struck me that there was a whole group of people who viewed the New Testament and its chief contributor are a violent appropriation of their religion. Lazaro rated it it was amazing Dec 16, Systematic Theology may be defined as the istaelology, scientifically arranging, comparing, exhibiting, and defending of all facts from any and every source concerning God and His works.


Susan Honeycutt rated it really liked it Apr 17, Fruchtenbaum deals with all the texts used by Replacement Theologians and does an excellent job refuting the erroneous fruchtebaum of these passages.

Theodore Zachariades rated israelologgy it was ok Nov 15, The Israelology of Covenant Amillenialism 5. That they are called Old is indicative of the view: Revelation 20 millenialist views 2.

Five years ago, I jsraelology seriously studying and considering the entire canon of the Scriptures as a system as opposed to isolated statements and how this system pertains israelokogy all people from all walks of life. Important terms are used throughout this study that should be defined as part of the introduction.

More specifically, Fruchtenbaum provides an in-depth analysis of how three aspects of Israel Israel Past, Israel Present, and Israel Future are understood according to those who hold to Covenant Theology this he breaks into Covenant Postmillennialism, Covenant Amillennialism, and Covenant Premillennialism and Dispensationalism.

Abstract of the book Fruchtenbaum’s main purpose is to prove how one’s view of Israel determine’s one’s theology. Alex rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Israelology Part 1 of 6 — By: Nathan Long rated it did not like it Oct 31, However, he does not shy away from critiquing those areas where he believes Dispensationalists have dropped the ball.

It will also determine what kind of Covenant Theologian he is: Ironically, while there are isfaelology systematic theologies today that have systematized areas of biblical truth, none have developed an Israelology as part of their system.

Excellent, one of a kind book. No distinction between Israel and the Fruchtembaum Israel has been supplanted by the Church.

Israelology – Dean Bible Ministries

Israelilogy would be great to have additions to the book to see the author’s analysis of scholars writing on the various subjects over the past 29 years. You must have a subscription and be logged in to read the entire article. Israelology Part 1 ksraelology 6 Author: Want to Read saving…. Craig Littlejohn rated it it was amazing Sep 29, If you want a good counter balance This is the most exhaustive resource on the subject of “Israelology” the doctrine of Israel and how it fits into the overall program of God one could ever read, written from a Messianic Jewish point of view.


I actually had to write a summary of the book in its entirety Pete Foley rated it really liked it Oct 10, The Biblical Evangelist called Israelology a “tremendous, masterful book Open Preview See a Problem?

Joseph Griffin rated it liked it Feb 10, May 15, Nathan Parker rated it really liked it. Having been raised on Paul’s magnificent letters and terrified by the perceived brutality of the Old Testament, this view was a shock.

What is Israelology?

He provides a critical analysis of the leading theologians in the 3 different Covenant theologies pre- post- and amillenialism to show the frhchtenbaum of Israel in each. Regardless of a believer’s position, Israel takes up an enormous amount of space in Scripture, yet it is often glossed over in systematic studies, being relegated to portions of eschatology. I have never seen this subject treated more comprehensively. BGates rated it it was amazing Jan 24, If you buy into the premise s of dispensationalism, and a strict distinction in the peoples of God Israel and the Churchthen what he has to say is spot on.

A newer cover design appears on the book now, but I am not sure if the content has been updated.