Resources. To top. M Series data sheet M 2G User Manual Maestro Version: 1 – File size: . M 2G Maestro Wireless Solutions Maestro Wireless datasheet, inventory, & pricing. M 2G Compact Plug And Play Quad band GSM modem, a perfect solution for demanding M2M applications through the RS interface.

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Low-to-High exceed High Limit to trigger – 0: Depending on setting, a saved AT command will be executed if condition is fulfilled for the defined period.

professional GSM/GPRS Maestro M100 2G Modem support at commands

It will be executed even it is not a valid AT command or even not an AT command. If it is set to 1 mastro a delay will be introduced before the sending of a UDP frame The default value is 0. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Each set have 64 characters of email address es. See further chapters for the explanation of each service.

Maestro M 2G User manual |

Possible arguements Defined Values: Maximum length is 32 characters. Before you making GPRS connection by this command make sure you have finished the following first: Two trigger directions can be chosen: In case of sending SMS failure e.


Data sent in the direction from server to modem during connection is discarded. There are total of 5 Alarms can be used. Can I disable the MSP?

Modem will restart and then restart result and version will be displayed. Recommended to be more than If it is set to 0 initiates the sending of a TCP frame as soon as possible after the reception of a single character value from the host. Any further connection requested will be refused.

AT command for email sending 9. There are total of 10 Countdown Timers. You may need to re-flash the main firmware.

Maximum 64 characters, Following providers are tested working correctly: If you first set trigger value to 2 and reset Counter to 0, then you increment counter by 2, then decrement by 2 and increment by 2b again. The size can be set from 1 to 0xFFFF default value is Buffered email queue is volatile and will be lost If modem Is power off or reset.

M 2G – Technical specifications – Maestro Wireless Solutions Ltd.

Maestro 2g Easy Setup Guideline Boasting the reliability the M Series is known for, the M 2G modems are the perfect devices to use in any of your projects facing tough conditions or extended lifetime requirements.


And once data enter to serial port data will be buffered and then start connecting remote TCP server. AT command for socket communication This option is good when remote TCP server is not good for keeping socket all the time.

See following sections for details When using EM service maximum 10 emails can be put on sending queue, further Email sending requests will be aborted. If the AI value change is less than 1 second this feature will not be able to detect accurately Table Of Contents 4. No masetro function on FTP downloading. This feature cannot return the prompt to the sender for second input 2.

Valid value is 1 to 3 Note: Maesyro make remote peer can access serial device connected to Maestro 2G. Default value is 3. The whole file has to be downloaded at one time otherwise the downloaded data will be discarded 8. Maximum characters for each subject. If data entered is more than it will stop getting and saved.