German Cars Top Latest ADAC Reliability Survey. market, as the result of the ADAC Reliability Survey (Pannenstatistik) are in. European Commission 5th Framework Programme Euro NCAP () Test Accessed on 20 November ADAC () Die ADAC Pannenstatistik Maybe time to rethink “Japanese cars are the most relieable?? de/Auto_Motorr

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However, a particular manufacturer still uses the same suppliers for their wiring harnesses, interior knobs, speedometers, glow pugs, injectors, coil packs, etc.

My 1st Hyundai, with ,00 miles has a different, but somewhat similar an oxymoron issue. We also get a lot of people who put petrol in diesel cars. By then there are enough cars which are not part of any roadside assistance program anymore. Impreza owners were full of praise for their friendly staff, prompt service and the quality of work.

ADAC Info – Pannenstatistik

Should you need to visit a dealer, you can expect good service; Octavia drivers told JD Power that helpful staff and work completed on time were the norm. The reality is that mechanical breakdowns have been dropping acac steadily the whole time, so that the relative difference between cars is becoming less relevant. Did your mother have a flat in ?

Scores for reliability were evenly matched, but Jetta drivers reported more problems with the exterior of the car. Originally Posted by Anonymous. The Corolla’s greatest strength is the dealer network that supports it. Decent reliability means owners didn’t make too many afac dealer visits, although mechanical problems and gremlins in the cabin were more troublesome than the exterior.


So why is the Octavia such a strong and consistent performer?

yılı ADAC Arıza İstatistikleri (Pannenstatistik) » Sayfa 1 – 2

Subaru Impreza Vehicle owner satisfaction score: The economy brands offer it as an option which will often entail slower and less comprehensive service than ADAC. The A-Class would have been even higher in the results table if it was more rewarding to drive.

Owners told JD Power that engine or transmission-related breakdowns were almost unheard of. The Germans are very thorough. You Dirty, Dirty Panther You! I do believe that the average japanese car has less teething problems than a european car. In any case, the consensus tends to be that their numbers from the eighties and nineties are good, but that after that panenstatistik gets more questionable:.

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Yes, my password is: Pretty much any car is reliable enough for me to consider. This is backed up in adac results and the trend is that the less boring and more advanced the japanese car the greater the likely hood of breakdown. Fuel bills and insurance premiums proved more reasonable. I think you get the idea? Receive updates on the panneenstatistik of TheTruthAboutCars.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Vehicle owner satisfaction score: That sums up how I feel about it now. For advertising information click HERE.

I notice almost the complete abscense of Mercedes W in the list. So do I believe Audi to be more reliable than Toyota ,no because Audi is cutting edge and shall have many more teething problems. About a third are electrical problems, of which the majority is, drumroll please: Or you might fill up in the south with winter diesel, and drive km north and still have it freeze. Euro 6C regulation requires it, and Complaints about the bodywork and exterior were rare, but the rating for mechanical reliability pannensattistik only average.


Avatars by Sterling Adventures. So my question to those who dont see my logic Toyota after 10 years in f1 how many wins. Their stats are a result of hands on experience on a daily basis, not a questionable survey of preoccupied car owners. Lets look at Le Mans and how many attempts results 0. Especially the argument that all manufacturers offer roadside assistance is BS.

Seems the Delta platform is a vast improvement over what came before it. Overall, reliability was average for this class. ADAC is the largest car club in Germany and very well respected. This is what the ADAC says: Contact Us Archive Top. But in my opinion, roadside breakdowns are so infrequent now, that the statistical differences are inconclusive. Who would have guessed? If this is actually the explanation from ADAC, I have to say their study has no credibility whatsoever.

Mercedes drivers also complained that the cost of servicing and repair was too high, although fuel bills and insurance premiums were more acceptable. What’s not to undertand?