This is:Sublima intelligent screening technology – the newest innovation from the engineers of Agfa. Every page of this brochure displays the. It is Agfa’s “XM” – Cross Modulation screening technology for sheetfed offset, web On each Apogee Prepress system, Sublima lpi is standard available for. Based on Agfa Gra phics’ award-winning ThermoFuseTM technology, Azura TU out- delivers razor-sharp quality, even up to lpi Sublima screening.

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Gradients may appear “noisy” at the transition from gradient to unprinted page.

One pixel through four pixel checkerboard This target is extremely sensitive to the resolution capability of an imaging device. So no matter what your needs are: OptiColor will get the original intended vivid colors as close as possible reproduced in the target color broochure. Excellent tone and dot reproduction Heidelberg: The versatility of SYNAPS XM is illustrated by the fact that it can be pre-printed in offset allowing for subsequent personalization via a brochurr printer.

However, if btochure plate has low resolution, or the CtP device has problematic resolution, or if the plate processing has issues, or the press condition is not optimal then there may be a loss of highlight dots. Fully designed publications, such as brochures, catalogs, books or posters, can also be added to stores, either as products that are printed on demand or that are delivered from stock. The Arkitex Enhance IntelliTune software tool makes your pictures even more eye-catching by automatically applying corrections for each of your channels.


APOGEEnetwork | Sublima Screening

Bgochure image quality while reducing ink consumption on press. Simply launch an app and point the camera of your smartphone, tablet or glasses to a recognized object. As a result, every detail gets printed. They can upload files, zublima pages and approve jobs. On a related note, it is argued by some vendors that because it is the consistency of imaging of the perimeter of the halftone dot – made up of Left – Coarse AM screen. As such, it efficiently completes and facilitates your entire workflow by offering you a simple solution for swift data sharing.

Apogee Sublima

Europe Available in this region. Besides that, Apogee Impose is fully integrated in Apogee Prepress, which saves time and minimizes errors.

Complete control over film output, plate making, and proofing, with an intuitive brochhre interface which gives you the chance to intervene at any time. Blanket washing and rejuvenating solutions. In an automated workflow, its mobile publishing SaaS solution transforms newspapers and magazines into customized, interactive multi-device mobile editions.

Advanced on-press softproofing system. Apogee Sublima prints brochuee photo-realistic and will win over every printer and print buyer. SYNAPS OM has a double sided coating for printing in a variety of techniques and allows for using standard offset inks whereas other synthetics require more expensive oxidative inks and cause idle time when switching between inks.

Some of the vendors simply used vague meaningless terms: And there is no escaping it.

The Print Guide: Hybrid AM Screening/XM Screening

Automates the workflow for publishing newspaper content on digital equipment like tablets and smart phones. Screen’s 1 bit TIFF workflow for platesetters. Agfa’s JDF-enabled intelligent prepress production workflow. Monitor the automated validation of color quality with software that is compatible with a wide range of press technologies and certified proofing standards.


Image processing software IntelliTune What if you could print your newspapers as fast as you do now, but with even better print quality for your pictures? Your rollers and blankets have to perform smoothly under heavy circumstances. Its proprietary coating formulation eublima extremely fast ink drying which makes SYNAPS OM a best-in-class media in terms of quality and productivity even in most demanding environments.

The highest quality of print begins with the right screening solution: However, as halftone dots become smaller and made up with fewer pixels, as with finer screen rulings above about lpi or FM screeningthe impact in dot consistency, and therefore presswork, is much greater — one pixel lost when only 4 pixels make up the dot is a significant loss.

It btochure designed for printing businesses that produce a lower volume of plates, or that have no need for highly automated processing.

Roller washing and maintenance products https: Apogee Sublima uses a patented technology known as XM Cross Modulation to achieve line-screen sublmia of up to the double typically from what you are used today. AM screening up to lpi.