DPP 3 is that it is compatible with images from any EOS digital camera. market and this has given here a unique insight about the workflow and processing. Welcome to the Digital Photo Professional video tutorial section! CPN writer and software expert George Cairns unpacks Canon’s popular workflow software and . Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP), which reached version 4 in , continues to be a popular workflow tool for those photographers.

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That is, you have to get it bang on to get the most out of it.

You can then selectively Paste the crop into other images within the selected group or – select the Apply All button to paste the crop into all selected images.

OK – close to perfection.

Digital Workflow – Using Canon Digital Photo Professional

This refresh usually accompanies a capacity upgrade – a new backup drive. In terms of nailing the exposure, digital cameras have a similar exposure latitude as slide film. Blemishes can be removed from your loved ones or from those paying you. Managing images in Digital Photo Professional You can open an image that you would like to work on by double-clicking on it. Select Color Temperature canoon the drop-down box, click on the drag bar and roll your mouse scroll wheel up and down until you are happy with the result.

There is a great deal of flexibility in a cano workflow – hopefully you have gleaned some useful tips for creating your own digital workflow. I consider it to be an absolute bargain. This means that there can be a greater tonal range in the resulting image. Click and drag to select the cropped area. Flash, Lighting and Accessories. The first copy goes in my storage case.


A number of issues factor into getting the highest image quality, and they occur at both the pre-pixel and postpixel phases of your workflow. I do any colour correction that might be needed, along with some exposure tweaking. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try, I frequently end ccanon with a horizon that is not level.

You might want to get this canin from another image instead – such as a Gray Card shot. All of them, however, fall under the umbrella of establishing a consistent workflow and system for managing, editing, storing, and accessing images. All we have now is the same process but in an office. Tripods, Ball Heads and Accessories. I select all similar images – typically all shot in similar conditions – and not more than a manageable quantity.

Cwnon current backup strategy may be overkill, but This way you vanon plough through the shots fairly quickly and opt to delete all those which scored less than a certain value. For a finer saturation adjustment, use the Saturation setting on the RGB tools tab. The files will be processed in the background – you are free to continue working on other tasks. You can also right-click on the image and select Copy recipe to clipboard, then press CTRL-Shift-Z to revert to shot settings, then right-click on the image and select paste recipe.

I delete liberally thought others recommend against such. I usually use no noise reduction until high ISO settings are reached noise reduction can negatively affect image detail fanon then I tend to only use caonn small amount of noise reduction. MOV from any device mounted to the computer as a drive letter.


Sometimes I’m never satisfied. DIM automatically copies the. Anthony B June Use this frequently to view your image before and after changes. Luigi Guerra, Italy August Getting and keeping the highest image quality A number of issues factor into getting the highest image quality, and they occur workdlow both the pre-pixel and postpixel phases of your workflow.

Written specifically for version 4 of DPP, this eBook is a clear, user-friendly guide to the software, its features and benefits.

I generally shoot more pictures than I need, so worrkflow first DPP task is to selectively delete pictures. Canon Digital Photo Professional. This something can be sensor dust, blemishes on someone’s face, I’m already at page 50 and cannot stop reading.

It ensures as best as we can that we can always revert to the original shots taken on the day if we need to.

Digital Workflow – Using Canon Digital Photo Professional

The obvious start to a post-processing workflow is to get the images onto the computer hard drive. Rather, it encompasses your photography from the inception of a shoot to its ultimate completion — whether as a framed print on a wall, an image on a Web site, or part [ Once you’re familar with the new version, your EOS workflow will be streamlined and the time needed to process your images will be reduced.

The next task in my digital workflow is my archiving and backup strategy.