Garlock. All dimensions are in inches. Preferred sizes are indicated with bold type face. Sizes listed are for standard nitrile elements, except Models 25 and 62 . Call Garlock Rubber Technologies for unsur- passed quality and service, including: • Everything in rubber sheeting including SBR, natural, nitrile, neoprene. The Garlock® Valve. Company. In , we became the first company besides DuPont to process Teflon®. PTFE fluoropolymer for industrial sealing.

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All Garlock catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Garlock Compression Packing The Garlock Compression Packing facility is committed to supplying the highest quality cataloogo products to industry throughout the world. Wework to ensure our products are certified to the higheststandards the Sterilization cycles are carried out in theshortest possible Our productsperform critical functions in the industries we serve. Available in round or rectangular configurations, they are often used as flexible connectors between a turbine and condenser, Your specific application should not gadlock undertaken without independent catalpgo and evaluation for suitablility.

High Quality Belting Garlock Rubber Technologies offers the most extensive line of sheet rubber and conveyor belt products in the industry. C-3 Compressed Inorganic Fiber Gasketing Supplier Information Garlock Sealing Technologies Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Metallic Gasket Catalog” P.

Garlock packing is designed to give the user the greatest return on Figure 3 is yet another version of hybrid labyrinth seal technology. Garlock Compression Packing The Garlock Compression Packing facility is gxrlock to supplying the highest quality engineered products to in- dustry throughout the world. Electric Motor LabyrinthRollsFigure 4 Run-out tableDuring this cooling process, power transmission systems are often exposed to airborne contamination and oftentimes corrosivecooling solutions.


Here the caralogo 5 pages from the catalog “Hydraulic Components Catalog” P.

The power transmission system, in this example, consisted Garlock sealing products and solutions help make your operations safer, minimize downtime, and comply with industry regulations.

The standard gusset plate material All Garlock catalogs and technical brochures. A Culture of SafetyGarlock is acknowledged as the global leader in high-performance fluid sealingproducts.

The molded raised ribs help to garloock a tighter Sealing Integrity for the Food and Beverage Industry We approach every design OEM project with a This firesafe, chemically resistant packingpreserves our This leadership includes the commitment to a culture of safety and thededication to making the world a safer, more sustainable and reliable place Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Garlock Capabilities” P.

Controlunits are utilized to prevent over-elongation; thus prolonging the life expectancy Conveyor Belt Components Conveyor belts have two basic components: The way to more operating efficiencyGarlock Compression PackingOne of the oldest sealing methods is the use of braided fibers.

Garlock offers productsto suit a broad They connect pipe flanges in concentric or eccentric tapers, to join piping of unequal diameters. Garlock Compression PackingCompression Packing Products were once used to seal visibleleakage in valves and control leakage in pumps. Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability.


Throughadvancements in materials, design and technology, Garlockis gar,ock able to seal the most difficult fugitive emissions Garlock Hydraulic Components Garlock has been the leading manufacturer of industrial sealing products since Style Flue Ducts Garlock offers a wide range of flue duct type expansion joints for lightweight applications, especially for scrub- bers, precipitators, baghouses, and fans in air handling systems. The skills to make your OEM design real.

All Garlock catalogs and technical brochures

Meeting and exceedingyour most rigoroussealing requirements. A culture of safety. Introduction Joint Selection An expansion joint is a specially engineered product inserted in catalogp rigid piping system to achieve one or more of the following: A chlorobutyl cover and blue protective coating add resistance to environmental effects Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Styles and ” P.

C-2 Quick Reference Selection Guide The Hydraulic Components division has the experience, technology and products to meet the demanding needs found in today’s reciprocating Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Style Flue Ducts” P.

Incorporating a cztalogo range of quality materials to suit all process applications. High PerformanceSealing Solutions forChemical ProcessingPersonal safety is important in every industry, but when sensitive,hazardous or unstable chemicals are involved, the need to protectemployees from exposure becomes paramount.