Factory Nachos with Spicy Chicken – Serves 2, (/sv) 82 3, . SkinnyLicious Sesame Soy Dressing 15 0 3 . Diet Coke 0 0 11 0. If you’re watching your calories and you find yourself at the Cheesecake Factory, Here are a few non-Skinnylicious menu items from the Cheesecake Factory. The Skinnylicious hamburger has only calories and comes with a Unfortunately, the only information the Cheesecake Factory makes.

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In case you’re unaware, The Cheesecake Factory’s menu is massive. You can get away with splitting it into 2 meals. If you want something without oil, butter, or cream, just ask! That was, and is still, not the case.

So are they including the guacamole, sour cream and salsa that comes with it? If you go with a standard salad, skip the default dressing.

The problem has never been the food or the high calorie count. That is with the help of pre-prepped frozen items that are trucked in everyday. Do what works best for your body! All we want is the information to help us make better choices when we do treat ourselves to an evening out.

For instance you need high fat, moderate protein, and low carb if you sit at desk all day like me. The food there is designed to be tasty and affordable. It is so sad the state of the country and our society when we must protect everyone from everything.

The fat in the meal has never been the issue, the problem is portions and type of fat. But for those who want to enjoy it, then by all means, go ahead! The only reason this terrible place does not print their nutrition facts is to hide this from customers. If I am at CF, soup and salad it will be! January 28, at 2: This thread has been going on for a couple of years now, but I just now stumbled across it.


All of those items except the kids meal I box up over half and eat the rest later. This is a gauge based off someone who does burn calories.

The Cheesecake Factory Survival Guide, Healthiest Choices, Nutritional Information | Hungry Girl

Fcatory when you are in a group, you have no say in where the majority wants to eat. There is nothing wrong with The Cheesecake Factory. To slash some sodium, trade the vinaigrette for plain vinegar with a splash of oil. I always go the same one, but I have never had a bad server.

The Cheesecake Factory Nutrition Facts

You cant ever know exactly what you burn without medical tests. I found this a really helpful site. Feeding this stuff to children should be considered child abuse. Honestly, for some items I do like to warn my guests about how big the portion size is, or approximate caloric count if they say they are trying to keep it waistline friendly.

CF’s regular Chicken Enchiladas have 1, calories and 21g saturated fat.

Just anger all around. Knowing the nutritional info about the food we put into our bodies is important to some people. Not terribly common, but we’re down. I too agree with some previous posters; if you eat every crumb of food on your plate at the CF then YES you will have eaten a billiona calories.

There are a few things posted that do bother me. First, Some Need-to-Know Info March 24, at I pick the best I can find, but most choices are cooked in lots of butter or other fats and oils. Thank you so much for posting this. While I can appreciate their frustration with customers who treat them badly, complain about everything, and leave poor tips, none of those things really have anything to do with the topic being discussed here.


That restraunt should be shut down. I was wondering if anybody knows if french fries are included with the sandwiches when reporting the calories. Then this dish will have even fewer calories and more fiber — mega score!

July 9, at Cheesefake “Send to a Friend” now…. It should be evident to anyone who eats at Cheesecake Factory that the portions are massive. You just have to do everything in moderation. However, it is responsible and healthy concious of a person to know what they are consuming in terms of cheesecakke value and caloric intake. And you’d likely be stunned to learn this meal has more calories than the Famous Factory Meatloaf with its gravy and mashed potatoes.

Everyone knows food made fresh will vary on numbers but there has to be a nutritional starting point…publish it!!! Because that low carb stuff really has 74 grams of fat. Thank you so much for posting this information.

I am on WW and find it hard to get all the nutritional info when eating out. Asking restaurants to chefsecake their nutrition facts is not asking the restaurant to take on the responsibility of the American diet, it instead works as a tool to help people make responsible decisions.

I have been scanning these posts for about 30 minutes, and I have to say I am stunned at the attitudes of the CF servers who have posted.