The term is now used to denote leasions that contain all the dental tissues and includes two types, the complex and the compound odontoma.[1] According to the. A case of compound odontomas of the anterior maxilla is discussed. Multiple tooth like structures were discovered upon surgical excision. An odontoma (also termed odontome) is a benign tumour of odontogenic origin Specifically, it A compound odontoma still has the three separate dental tissues (enamel, dentin and cementum), but may present a lobulated appearance.

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Subdivided into compound odontoma and complex odontoma The most common odontogenic tumor Can obstruct commpound path of erupting teeth Most recent WHO Classification of Head and Neck Tumours regards majority of ameloblastic fibro-odontomas as developing odontomas rather than a distinct tumor IARC: J Int Oral Health ;4: Cysts and tumours of the jaws. West Indian Med J. The displaced lateral incisor was also visible [Figure – 5] a and b. Case Report A year-old male patient presented with a chief complaint of swelling in the right lower jaw region for 6 months.

Periapical radiographs taken at the time of implant placement showed no signs of recurrence or complications at comopund surgical site Figure 9. Recurrences do not occur.

Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer. Rarely, an odontoma odontoms erupt into the oral cavity. In this case, the removal of odontoma was followed from the extraction of the deciduous and permanent canines. A case of a year-old male patient with a compound odontoma-associated of impacted maxillary canine is presented. The term “odontoma” was coined by Paul Broca in WB Saunders Company; Indexed in Web of Science.


The most extreme form of dens invaginatus is known as dilated odontoma. A careful evaluation with panoramic and CT Dentascan X-rays revealed a buccal position of the permanent canine to the odontoma. Maxillary occlusal view Click here to view. On palpation the swelling was tender, hard in consistency, noncompressible, and nonreducible. An increased compoound of odontomas were oodontoma in people with Gardner’s syndrome which is a heritable syndrome [ 9 ].

The relationship is similar to that of normal teeth. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Periphery reveals continuous band of dentin, covered by layer of fibrous tissue. The lesion was found on the anterior region of the maxilla, which, according to many researchers, is the most common location.

Odontoma is a benign odontogenic tumor. They can occur at any age, but are most common in the first two decades of odontoka, with an average age odontoa 14—18 years.

Case Reports in Dentistry

Cohen DM, Bhattacharyya I. Complex odontomas occur in mandibular first and second molar region with slight or marked bony expansion [ 5 ]. A panoramic radiograph showed compoind collection of tooth-like structures with a narrow radiolucent rim apical to the canine, lateral and central incisors in the right mandibule; she also had an impacted right maxillar premolar tooth Figure.


Orphanet J Rare Dis ;1: The histological examination confirmed the clinical and radiographic diagnosis of compound odontoma. Louis, Mo, USA, 6th edition, Well defined multiple radiopacities. Odontomas are accepted as developmental anomalies rather than true neoplasms. J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; A window was prepared over the buccal cortical bone in relation to the swelling.

Fibrous connective tissue with a cystic lining representing a dentigerous cyst may also be seen 15 — Compound odontoma associated with impacted maxillary incisors. Numerous small denticles, about 50 in number, were removed.

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Oral and maxillofacial pathology. Cowden syndrome Gardner syndrome Gorlin syndrome Peutz Jeghers syndrome. Intraoral examination showed the presence of the primary right canine over the physiological period of exfoliation, which meant no correspondence between chronological and dental ages Figures 1 a and 1 b. The compound odontoma recapitulates the organization of a normal tooth, while the complex odontoma appears as odobtoma disorganized mass of hard odontogenic tissues [ 1 ].

Pathology Outlines – Odontoma

The final odohtoma of the teeth will be completed after the eruption of the canine teeth. A year-old male patient presented with a chief complaint of swelling in the right lower jaw region for 6 months.

Odontomas constitute the most common variety of odontogenic tumors resulting from growth of completely differentiated epithelial and mesenchymal cells.