Finding the tough conversations too hard? Struggling to hold others accountable for their performance? Crucial Conversations and. Accountability Skills Training. Our Crucial Conversations training teaches how to discuss high-stake topics in a constructive and effective way on all levels. VitalSmarts Releases Crucial Conversations® Online Training. Now, the dialogue skills from the award-winning training course can be.

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All you need is an Internet connection and a smart phone, tablet, or computer. What does Crucial Conversations teach? The instructor asking for feedback often and making sure everyone follows.

Crucial Conversation – Vital Smarts – LTC

Learn how to speak persuasively, without being demanding; Learn how to stimulate teamwork and improve decision-making processes; Learn how to build trust and acceptance, rather than resistance; Learn how to resolve disagreements with individuals and within teams. The instructor has real-life stories and she makes you feel safe, comfortable. Looking forward to explore opportunites for PVH together. The instructor explaines very well and uses strong examples.



Crucial Conversations Training – VitalSmarts

The instructor is very clear in giving instructions. The buildup and the videos made it easy to relate to cases.

Crucial Conversations looks really applicable to life, where other comunication methods I got trained look more theoretical.

I like the structure of the concept of Crucial Conversations and video clips. Excellent course material and well-structured course.

Training Crucial Conversations ®

Thank you for your interest. Your privacy is our priority.

In that case a crucial conversation is probably holding you back. Are there difficulties within your organization that stop you from achieving desired results? These skills turn in to fitalsmarts that improve decision making, commitment to action, cruciaal, and relationships. Takes time to explain. Her clear and enthusiastic way of explaining she was really motivated to get across the theory.

Our Crucial Accountability course provides skills to align expectations and performance, and helps close the gap.

Very clearly set up expectations were managed, questions were answered. Our training solutions target the unwritten, deep-seated sources of human behavior to help organizations foster accountability, spur open communication, develop influential leaders, and increase productivity. The instructor is clear in explaining, can bring theory into practise.


Find courses in other languages. If you like what you see, Crucial Conversations can help. When organizations vitlasmarts crucial conversations, because they are too emotional or because opinions vary, this often leads to declining results.

Training Crucial Conversations in 3 minutes. Sign up for training. Leaders are not defined by title or position, rather by their ability to influence others. De instructor has charisma. She has enthusiasm and knowledge. The training was very good!

Thank you Willeke, for the insight that I gained from this training. Are you sure you want to proceed? Easy and interesting material. I enjoyed the role plays and sharing with learning partner. Your information will not be disclosed to third conversatioms. Good constructive examples and enough time to practice.