User Manual Cuplok () – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. User Guide SGB Cuplock Scaffold System. Uploaded by. S. GUIDANCE NOTE. This manual is valid only for the use of. Genuine TRADLOK System Scaffold, manufactured and supplied by TRAD Hire and Sales Limited. This document is subject to periodic revision and updating. Before designing scaffolds with. Systems™ Scaffold components, visit to be.

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It is preferable that braces in adjacent panels should also be alternated in direction, as shown by the dashed lines in the diagram. It is not always possible to have inside horizontals, outside ledgers and transoms at the same level.

Take care that the structure is stable in the unloaded condition, especially if towers of narrow structures are used. An effective brace must extend from forkhead to base plate level. Note that horizontal loads from wind, etc. They may be made up as shown. The horizontal load is then usually expressed as a percentage of the vertical load.

Note that with the introduction of the use of steel Grade 50 for the verticals recognizable by their top cups with four lugs care is to be taken to use the correct data sheets when determining the permissible loads for the main lifts. Option – Spigot secured verticals in tension for by M10 bolt with Nylok nut.


Providing the worst condition is catered for both conditions, satisfied. The tables cupllck show the permissible loads per vertical for all main lifts. Thus soffit formwork which slopes in two directions relative to the grid of the supporting Cuplok structure, may be constructed.

Cuplock Scaffolding Manual, Cuplock Scaffolding Manual Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Sample Order Free samples. Adjustable bases can be used in the ends of the tubes to spread the load, and by adjusting them, firm contact can be made with the structure. Supplier Types Trade Assurance.

If cantilever brackets are used, these must be loaded last and there must be sufficient weight on the main structure to ensure stability. Diagonal bracing is normally carried out with the purpose made braces. See page When providing access around the inside of a curve i.

They are shown on pages to for Grade 43 steel structures and pages to for Grade 50 steel scaffoldng. All you need to do is just to give us the image or words you require for the product and we design for you!

cuplock scaffolding manual

In any event the bracing system must be capable of restraining 2. A release tool is also available.

If any staircase unit has to be ecaffolding this has to be replaced by additional plan and diagonal bracing. During erection care must be taken to see that the trapezium shaped bays are erected keeping a true shape on plan, otherwise the desired diameters will not be achieved.


CUPLOK Data Sheets | Ramakrishnan Sundaram –

This is particulary important when using Cuplok to support the Metriform Scaffoldimg. It is preferable to try and eliminate this bracing for economic reasons, but if this cannot be done, bracing to take the full horizontal loading must be provided.

The rules for bracing must be observed – see page The direction of the braces must be alternated. Locking pin Weight The resulting force should then be multiplied by the distance from the base of the structure to the point at which the force acts.

If thicker boards are used, greater lengths may be considered.

The maximum Safe Working Axial Loads of the braces in tension or compression depends on the type of brace used. The horizontal in the first cup is to be preferred. Scaffold Boards on top and nailed down if gap between adjacent decks exceeds regulations. If ties are only connected to the inside horizontal or vertical, then plan braces should be put in at every tied level in the same bays as the face bracing.

Building multi-lateral manual aluminium frame cuplock kwikstage scaffolding height sizes measurements standard.