An introduction to Easytrieve. The below tutorial gives brief overview of Easytrieve. Structure of an Easytrieve program. Contains 3 sections. iv CA-Easytrieve/Plus User Guide. Chapter 3: Standard Reporting with CA- Easytrieve/Plus. Reports Made Easy-A Tutorial. Easytrieve. Variables. Variable declaration · Declaring working storage variables · COMP and COMP-3 equivalent variables · Variable initialization (VALUE.

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The proc is executed before each line is printed. XREF causes the creation of a cross reference listing of each field name. SUM statement prints the Totals of the specified fields at the end of. When defining the field, you can specify the default heading. Tuorial and manipulation of data. A system-defined field named LEVEL can be tested to determine which field has caused the break, when we have control breaks based on more than 1 field. SORT activities create sequenced files.

Easytrieve | Use this code

FLOW activates a trace of the statements being executed. Usually this file will be saved to your own pc and therefore you will have unlimited access to it easytrkeve not have to worry about any time sensitivity the database has. These outputs are used to analyze programming errors that cause abnormal. This can be overridden by the options on. To override the default input file NULL should be coded in place of filename.


Video of the Day. If your instructions only ask for data for June you need to indicate it in your program.

DEBUG and its subparameters control generation of certain system outputs. You need to correct your mistakes and run the Easytrieve program again until you get the results you are seeking. Prgname-1 is the name of the program. Mainframe Tips, Tricks And Tutorials. If the file type is.

How to Write a Simple Easytrieve Program

If there are any mistakes you will need to fix them. Each title line is centered within the title area of the report unless we. Create an outfile in your program. For example you may be asked for age and your variables only have date of birth.

Normally, Easytrieve automatically totals all quantitative fields.

How to Write a Simple Easytrieve Program | It Still Works

It permits final screening and modification of report input data. See tips to find out why. Make sure you understand the scope of the job. Easytrieve is a programming language that helps you retrieve data from databases that you work with. Retrieve a copy of the layout of the database you are using. Brought to you by Techwalla.


Will be executed at the end of each page. You need eeasytrieve know where each of the variables resides in order to know where they are when you are working with the database or outfile that you created.

PRINT statement requests report output.

N is the number of control fields. Retrieval of input files.

VS Virtual Storage Access method. STATE saves the statement number of the statement currently being.

Subparameter ‘R’ specifies that the new program replaces an existing program. Easytrieve automatically positions the system date and current.

FILE statement – This statement tutoeial the files accessed by the program. Tip Customers are notorious for changing their mind and coming back and asking for more data later. You may also need to only capture males or females of a certain age. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: Default report heading for a field is the field name.