Supersedes IPC/JEDEC J-STD .. Mass Reflow This standard applies to bulk solder reflow assembly by convection, convection/IR. Joint IPC/JEDEC Standard J-STD Page 1. STANDARD FOR HANDLING, PACKING, SHIPPING AND USE OF MOISTURE/REFLOW. SENSITIVE SURFACE. J-STDD. – Published August – Typos corrected 3/08 (Rev D.1). • J- STD – Published August • J-STDC. – Balloted within JEDEC & IPC.

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Table is based on worst-case molded lead frame SMD packages. If partial lots are used, the remaining SMD packages must be resealed or placed in safe storage within one hour of bag opening see Clause j-std033b.1. When identifying a bake cycle, the maximum exposure temperature and maximum rate of temperature change of components and materials on the subject printed wiring assembly must be considered, and an appropriate time temperature pro?


Francois Monette, Cogiscan Inc. If dried and sealed in an MBB with fresh desiccant, the shelf life is reset.

Light air evacuation may be used to reduce the packaging bulk and enhance carton packing Figure It is intended to make the HIC test method and criteria a separate standard in the future. If more than three are required for any reason, the supplier should be consulted reference J-STD Hue shall be tested using the test method in Appendix A. Jedc table is applicable to SMDs molded with novolac, biphenyl, or multifunctional epoxy mold compounds.


An equivalency evaluation is recommended to ensure that high temperature processing maintains moisture weight gain to an acceptable level. Table gives conditions for rebake of SMD packages at a user site after the?

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However, if the conditions of Clause 4. If the actual shelf life has exceeded 12 months, but less than 2 years, from the bag seal date and the humidity indicator card HIC see Clause 5.

All rights reserved under both international and Pan-American ipx conventions. Also the actual bake time may be reduced if technically justi? Paper and Plastic Container Items For components exposed anytime less than their stated?

Table lists equivalent derated? If any component on the board has exceeded its? The cards inside the chamber must be observable from outside the chamber.

If SMD packages are placed in dry bags with unbaked carriers, refer to Clause 3. Although unanticipated, factors other than moisture sensitivity could affect the total shelf life of components. After bag is opened, devices that will be subjected to reflow solder or other high temperature process must be a Mounted within: The colors shall be described in writing on the card.


This can be determined by weighing a representative quantity of material known to be at equilibrium with the manufacturing environment, baking to a new constant weight, and subtracting the?

When this option is used, it jedef be veri? As a minimum, all materials used in dry packing should conform to EIA Special consideration should be given to non-hermetic cavity packages.


Refer to Clause 6 for the baking of populated boards.

Level 2 parts are still adequately dry. The HIC is packed inside the moisture-barrier bag, along with a desiccant, to aid in determining the level of moisture to which the moisture-sensitive devices have been j-std-033v.1. Amol Kirtikar, Sud-Chemie Inc. This document describes the standardized levels of?

Refer to Clause 7 to determine maximum allowable time before rebake would be necessary.

Storage in a dry cabinet may be considered equivalent to storage in a dry pack with unlimited shelf life. Standard Improvement Form The purpose of this form is to provide the Technical Committee of IPC with input from the industry regarding usage of the subject standard.

The temperature and time for baking SMD packages are therefore limited by solderability considerations. Peak package body temperature: Users are also wholly responsible for protecting themselves against all claims of liabilities for patent infringement.

HIC Testing Method J-etd-033b.1 function properly, the spots must show a visually perceptible color change to indicate a change in the amount of humidity.

Jedrc dry cabinet should not be considered a MBB. Refer to Figure A This is particularly critical if SMD packages are handled under low humidity conditions jedrc. In most cases it is applicable to other nonhermetic surface mount SMD packages. Heidi Reynolds, Oracle America, Inc.