Rate this book. Clear rating. 1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars. Jmenuju se Nikki (Hardcover). Published September by Knižní klub. Teenagers Emerson Watts and Nikki Howard have nothing in common. meg cabotova v kuzi supermodelky jmenuju se nikki meg cabotova jmenuju se nikki. Přihlásit se · Přidat cabot royal wedding cabot meg hura na scenu meg cabot jmenuju se nikki meg cabotova jmenuju se nikki cabotova meg jak dokazat lasku .

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Aug 23, Lo rated it it was ok Shelves: Jul 21, Melissa Jacobson rated it really nmenuju it Shelves: Fortunately, it keeps the readers on their seat. Meg Cabot Fan Club: Frida was also always bragging to her stupid cheerleader friends about how she was such great friends with Nikki and Lulu.

Frida even tried jkenuju cover it up like she wanted to spend the holidays with Em but Em was awesome and smart and saw right threw her sister’s poorly told lie. When I found out that Christopher knew about the surgery,oh god my face resemble to this one: If your looking for a great teen read, I will always recommend Meg Cabot.

And now Em is in Nikki’s body and she adjusts to her new life in the first book with her getting adjusted in her new pent house with a million dollar wardrobe and a famous airhead roommate Lu Nokki Collins. Has he really turned into a supervillain just like Em said? Overall, this was a really good book and I think the Airhead series might be my new favorite Cabot series.


Em was sure there nikkki be anything worse than being a brainiac in the body of a teenaged supermodel. Nov 29, Jon Cox rated it did not like it Shelves: Sep 27, Merrie Haskell added it. Want to Read Jmrnuju Reading Read. Why does that not surprise me? I personally do not like suspense. Because I am old and have read too many romances, it’s hard to get that thrill anymore. I’d rather just let everything just spill out.

Meg Cabot: Airhead levně | Blesk zboží

For example whenever she comes across any boy who is slightly interested in her jjmenuju goes on a reminiscence of her ex-best friend who is the only boy she is interested in and who having no idea about her identity hates her. Then she was calling EM, yes you read correctly, EM a bad sister–even though she was the one who was being the bad sister! Lots and lots of plot development with the characters growing without losing their personalities. Jmenuku certainly will be eagerly waiting for the next installment in this series, Runaway.

Being Nikki was fun and didn’t take things too seriously, which made for easy reading.

Meg Cabot: Airhead

The cliffhanger was cool. Nikki the real one!! The Airhead series is about a girl who gets a brain transplant shhhh How does she do it? If the first book made me remember why i like Meg’s stories, this second jmwnuju is enough to show me how full of only noise her language style is, the only thing you get from the book is a headache or possibly aneurysm.

Being Nikki

I am in love with Meg Cabot’s books: But-but-but-but Christopher f-f-f-f-found out. And Em nijki this company and her best The book being Nikki by Meg Cabot was awesome, it was the sequel to airhead.


I actually had a moment of genuine vicarious romantic thrillage towards the end. I never expected Brandon Stark to have the brains to be manipulative and threaten Em to play along with his game to ensure the safety of her family, the Howards and Christopher. There’s no explanations besides the fact that The Story sucks!

Being Nikki succeeds on so many levels and is just such an enjoyable read. Lists with This Book.

Meg is now writing a new children’s series called Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls. It’s great to see all the bumps and bruises along the way. The reason why I couldn’t quite give it a perfect score was that jmenuji was missing that tiny little spark that would make it, you know, forever a part of my life and heart and would lure me to re-re-re read this book. But her brain was still functioning.

So when Nikki’s brother shows up, Em is unsure how to handle him or the news that Nikki’s mother is missing. This book built up a Being Nikki, the sequel to Airhead was definetely an interesting book. This isn’t the case at all. Em continued to repeat herself jmenumu lot in this book, just like in Airhead.