The goal of this study was to compare application of the Kendrick Extrication Device (KED) versus rapid extrication (RE) by emergency medical. KED PRO Extrication Device. The industry recognised Kendrick Extrication Device, originally developed in the late s has been further improved in the form. Ferno K.E.D.® – Kendrick Extrication Device. Add to quote. Add to Compare Add to Wishlist. _KED_Straps. K.E.D.® – Replacement Head and Chin.

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This was a controlled setting inside a garage with no risk for adverse weather or for suffering personal injury from vehicles on the road, which are frequently encountered when rendering pre-hospital care. Evidence-based care needs to be sought as many interventions in the pre-hospital environment have never been researched and have been based on anecdote.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. It should be noted that this was a controlled scientific experiment which is significantly different to performing the skill in the field with its more unpredictable variables.

Effective in immobilization of pediatric patients Ideal for immobilizing and extricating patients from auto accidents or confined spaces Does not interfere with the application of anti-shock trousers. For both devices, a c-collar shown in Figure 1 with a green arrow is applied while in-line stabilization is held. Please review kenvrick privacy policy.

Also, kenrick must be replaced when destroyed. The Kendrick Extrication Device shown in Figure 1 with a yellow arrow is mendrick in the pre-hospital environment to stabilize patients complaining of neck or back pain after car collisions.

We developed surveys to assess many variables associated with this study. This is not unexpected, as the KED does immobilize the head as securely as possible to the stretcher and backboard. Open in a separate window. A practical radiographic comparison of short board technique and Kendrick Extrication Device.

This is to allow the patient to breathe easily while the rest of the device is secured.

Seat belts were not worn during the scenarios. This concern is legitimate as exyrication cord injuries have the potential to occur after transit or during early management at the scene. It is worth noting that there is debate and controversy surrounding the exact order of applying the torso straps, with some saying that the order does not matter, as long as the torso is secured before the head.


Med Serv J Can. All trial scenarios were done with the seat in a standardized kendrcik of The heavier patient extricatjon perceived statistically significant more movement than less heavy patients on the KED. If the application of the device is causing greater movement of the patient, then the utility of this device should be called into question.

While this study provides limited data that the KED decreases ability of the patient to move their neck after application of the device, further studies are needed to determine if the device actually changes patient outcomes.

Emerg Med Clin North Am. Improved immobilisation — wider rigid spinal extrucation to reduce rotation and flexion, durable leg and kendeick strap buckles for more secure immobilisation in confined space rescues.

X-rays or advanced life support procedures can be performed with the K. The angle of cervical spine movement was measured using a protractor placed on the bridge of the nose and a pen used to denote the plane of reference a sagittal line. Accommodate patients of all sizes — larger aperture underarm for ease of application, the wider head support flaps can be adjusted to fit each patient individually.

The KED has been thought to improve spinal immobilization in patients complaining extricatiom traumatic induced neck or back pain. Trial B involved RE technique — a c-collar was applied and the participant extricated on to a longboard without a KED applied.

Kendrick Extrication Device

Can be used for multiple patient sizes, including children and pregnant women Color-coded Sewn-in securing straps and snaplock buckles for quick Easy application Benefits Wraparound design provides horizontal flexibility for extricwtion application and vertical rigidity for maximum support of the spine, neck, and head during extrication. Results Time was significantly shorter using rapid extraction for all patients. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kendrick Extrication Device.

Rescue equipment Emergency medical equipment Medical transport devices. Neurologic recovery following rapid spinal realignment for complete cervical spinal cord injury.

The standard longboard or backboard shown in Figure 1the large yellow device is a device approximately six or seven feet in length that is hard and inflexible.


RE is a method of moving a patient from the sitting to a supine position through a series of coordinated movements. Kendrikc only measured axial movement and did not attempt to measure flexion, extension or lateral rotation.

This work was prepared as part of his official duties. RE involves immobilizing the patient on a longboard without the application of the KED.

Kendrick Extrication Devices

Paramedic use of a spinal injury clearance algorithm reduces spinal immobilization in the out-of-hospital setting. The goal of this study was to compare application of the Kendrick Extrication Device KED versus rapid extrication RE by emergency medical service personnel. Characteristics of injuries to the cervical spine and spinal cord in polytrauma patient population: The angle of measurement is axial movement, which was defined as asking the patient to turn their head to the left or right.

Angle to right after patient moved to backboard. Ambulance station Rescue squad Search and rescue.

Support Center Support Center. The wrap-around design provides horizontal flexibility for easy application and vertical rigidity for maximum support of the spine, neck, and head during extrication. Distributors Northern Ireland Southern Ireland.

KED PRO Extrication Device

Summary statistics for outcome variables using the KED versus RE on 23 subjects, as well as devicw for detecting a difference based on a paired t-test.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Technical Rescue Load Limit. The patient is secured to it using three or more straps and with two large foam blocks adjacent to the head kendrik to as cervical immobilization devices. Further studies are needed to determine if the KED improves any meaningful patient outcomes in the era of increased evidence-based medicine in emergency medical services. Our primary endpoints were movement of head, time to extrication and patient comfort by a visual analogue scale.

The sevice surveys measured level of pain, level of discomfort, perceived amount of movement, and perception of amount of time taken to remove from car. Acute neurologic management of the patient with spinal cord injury.