UPDATE (11 Aug. ): The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) is now available IN PDF and IN PRINT WITH FREE PDF. The first copies of the. I loved the Savage Worlds edition, but the Fate edition of The Kerberos Club really grabbed gamers’ imaginations. The Fate crowd was already. The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) is a game of superheroic roleplaying in Victorian London, written by Benjamin Baugh, adapted for the FATE system by.

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Your email address will not be published. About What Is a Roleplaying Game? Or the miracle tonics on every streetcorner, some of which produce genuine miracles? These stories focus on the events of import to the Club- charting the ketberos of Strangeness and the key players of the time.

Of course aspects play a central role in The Kerberos Club FATE Editionand every character has a collection of aspects based on archetype what sort of superhuman you aresocial class, convictions the core beliefs that drive Kerberans and their rivalscomplications from superhuman powers, and the personal quirks and proclivities of each individual.

Arc Dream Publishing Tabletop roleplaying games and more. The authors have cleverly chosen these NPC backgrounds to illuminate certain parts of the world, from Automechanicals to the Faerie Courts.

The game offers a number of other new conecpts, including the novel idea of shifting damage to the environment through collateral consequences. Every item will include ideas for incorporating it into an ongoing campaign and for building larger adventures around it. In some ways, it reminds me of the best kinds of campaign ideas from kerberoz.


Players start with one customizable Gift cub can purchase more later; these include Companions, Equipment, Impact a boosted SkillSignature Aspect, Skilled more skill pointsand Theme minor bonuses related to a circumstance. And if you don’t, Really Bad Things happen. While the campaign structure of the Club itself offers a refuge, the Victorian world can be difficult for players used to greater autonomy.

Arc Dream Publishing Page Count: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. How much is this going to be? Scenes can have aspects as well- so if the group kefberos a darkened warehouse expecting an ambush, they may have to deal with the aspects Shadowy Corners, Teetering Shelving, and Stacks of Crates.

In order to use an aspect, a player must spend from their Fate point pool which refreshes at the beginning of each session. It presents a well-constructed introduction to the era. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


We will tell you about new Arc Dream Publishing projects and upcoming releases. As the era moves on, that secrecy fades and the Club takes a more active role battling against dangerous Strangeness. Why, the Queen herself was touched and became something greater, something stranger than any merely mortal monarch. Posted July 31, at 9: One might almost call it Strange. Plots, plans, and machinations occur without the waking world being aware of them. It won’t be occurring every two seconds.

  CNR UNI 10006 PDF

Legends of the Guard series; he also wrote the DC mini-series Flashpoint: By Arc Dream Publishing. Multiple points may be spent this way.

A Strange ‘Fate’ for ‘The Kerberos Club’

In short, wonders and the fantastic begin to appear. Each character has full stats as well as discussion of their point of view and unanswered questions to serve as story hooks. Arc Dream Publishing Tabletop roleplaying games and more.

The chapter covers many topics like these, but never feels overwhelming. The Kerberos Club itself sits close to the heart of the city, and many campaigns clib find that territory more than enough to play in.

Tabletop Review: The Kerberos Club: FATE Edition

Kerberos Club manages the difficult task of providing enough material for a GM to build three very different campaigns: If you do want powers to transfer frequently, you need to look at the entire system, because that’s a major change to the style of the game. Recent posts by The Kerberos Club. Notably it suggests the presence of the Club at various times, but allows room for the players to slot into those stories.