1. The Lilliebridge Training Method! “Want to be strong like a Lilliebridge? Then train like a Lilliebridge! The Lilliebridge training method”. _Strong body and Mind_. Posts: 1,; Rep Power: shadowroth will become famous soon enough. (+50). lilliebridge training method. As far as I understand, the Lilliebridge “method” is basically linear periodization, and as such, does not really rule out using RTS-style.

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I listen to a lot of podcasts with lifters speaking about their programs and how it moved their raw total from estimates whatever in Brandon Lily’s Cube example and quite frankly I’m not that interested. The elephant in the room is Drugs. He had been lifting for two years before that through other sports such as wrestling. Mike gave you good answer, but he is too nice.

That is, namely, something lilliebrixge similar to traditional western periodization. With the Lilliebridge method, liilliebridge only go heavy on the squat and deadlift once every two weeks. Be sure to ask questions in our forum, methhod training related or questions about this training cycle. Honestly, I used Strong for years and then they changed and went to crap. But if you want to check out the basic version, I’d look at this video: Weeks 9 and 10 will be deload weeks.

What we want to know, in terms of history and context, is what kind of biases and influences went into the construction of the program. Now, I must concede, after briefly talking with Paul Carter about this issue, it does seem to be the way that the most successful Americans trained in the lilliebrirge and 80s.

It is a 10 week training program that can have you training from two days per week up to five. If I lay out the actual program, I remove any incentive for anyone to buy the book.


Lift Like a Lilliebridge? Lilliebridge Method Review | PowerliftingToWin

Eric Lilliebridge created The Lilliebridge Method during his teen years through experimenting. I do not believe it is optimal to deadlift heavy every other week for the natural. You can pick up a copy of the book here. Ironically, despite the fact that drugs vastly improve recovery, naturals seem to be the ones who grind away with high frequency, high volume routines to much greater effect.

Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. There are very few natural athletes on the planet who NEED this much recovery between sessions. You will squat lilliebridgee deadlift on the same days throughout the cycle. It is always highly recommended that you consult a doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to start this program. I suspect that many naturals would not experience optimal rates of progress with these frequencies. For natural powerlifter, key to improving is volume, and more and more volume gradually methof time, so frequency becomes very important after some point.

The Lilliebridge Method

Yes, it really is that simple. RTS vs lilliebridge training method. Results 1 to 10 of The Lilliebridge Training Method is sold for informational purposes only. On the other hand, the program is a direct slap in the face to everyone in the powerlifting world, myself included, who feels the need to overcomplicate programming.

Thank you for interesting in our services. Five finger death punch. They simply cut out the light parts!

An in-depth look at The Lilliebridge Method –

This is where the idea of alternating heavy and light days each week came from. FiveFourThreeTwo Equipment: Report “The Lilliebridge Training Method”. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. In my opinion, natural lifters are far lilliegridge served focusing on higher frequencies and higher intensities.


Any program can incorporate the principles of autoregulation. Hi-Dosis Pre Workout – Citrus. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. You could certainly apply RTS Tools to just about any method.

Once he started powerlifting, he was hooked. It is more important than the weight you are lifting! Also, at all times make sure you have good spotters! We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. I’d imagine RPE’s could be used with pretty much any template.

Originally Posted by southhillbarbell. I do not think that a program which gets most of its volume from bodybuilding style assistance is specific enough.

This is actually concurrent periodization. Bench press works the same way; one week will be heavy, and the next week will be light. Mike Zourdos, who is also lifetime drug free, who runs the strength lab at Florida State University, and who will be featured in Classroom talking about his programming methods, currently squats to a 1RM every single day.

Even today, most enhanced lifters perform a great deal of bodybuilding style assistance. Hit at least 3 to 4 sets on your heavy days do singles or doubles. Affordable and very well made. Simply put, neural output is kept at a much higher level without the necessity of higher frequencies that naturals must use to maintain CNS efficiency.

That said, I truly do not feel this program is appropriate for the natural lifter.